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365 My Every Day Bible Song Collection
365 My Every Day Bible Song Collection [W-0803]
8 CDs, 365 Songs, 8 hours of Bible Fun!

The Biggest Bible Song Collection Ever! 365 Songs. A song for everyday, and a song for every season. This song collection is sure to have exactly what you are looking for.

$19.99 on sale for $14.99

Hide and Seek Devotional
Hide and Seek Devotional [TN-1648]
Hide the Word and Seek the Lord.

Hide the Word and Seek the Lord Devotional. Finding God's Way by Kowing God's Word! Created by Stephen Elkins. Narrated by Kirk Cameron. Over 2 Hours of Songs and Stories!
26 Old Testament favorites + 26 New Testament Favorites = 52 A to Z Verses! Each verse has a Scripture song and Bible Story that you can Download for free.

$16.99 on sale for $10.00

Awful Bible Bad Guys
Awful Bible Bad Guys [TN-0586]
44-page Travel Size Hardcover, 20-song CD

Imagine the most awful bad guys everóbullies, liars, and cowards! They're all here in this sing-along selection of cautionary tales about the most infamous villians in the Bible. An excellent teaching tool! Small enough to fit in your CD holder, big enough to entertain for hours!

$9.98 on sale for $6.98

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